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Order Cancellations

Return/Cancellation Policy

After the return request has been made to customer service, it usually takes 4 business days for the product to be picked up from you and an additional 7 days to initiate a refund after a successful inspection of the product by the quality control department. Once the item is received in our warehouse, it undergoes a quality check which takes approximately 2 days. Receipt of the refund will depend on the payment method chosen by you.

The expected timelines are as below:

Payment Method

Refund Receipt Time

Prepaid orders

7 Business days after successful Quality Check

COD Orders*

7 Business days after successful Quality Check


Cancellation policy:

If you need to cancel your order, please email us at Welcomecreations2021@gmail.com within 6 hours of placing the order, Monday to Saturday 10am to 7pm.

Please note that some of the orders ship almost immediately and it is not always possible to cancel. Any amount paid will be credited in the same payment method that was used for payment.

Please note:

For debit card and credit card transfers, the repayment period largely depends on the bank.

Banks will send an SMS to customers for a credit amount greater than INR. 5000 only. In case your refund is less than INR. 5000, please check your bank account or credit card statement for confirmation.

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